Swap & Earn


NeoCompounder auto-compounds your NEO by converting GAS rewards into more NEO.

To get started, all you have to do is swap your NEO or bNEO into cNEO.

When you want to withdraw, you can simply swap your cNEO back into bNEO at an ever-increasing rate!

1 cNEO =
- %
- bNEO




As the proud recipient of a GrantShares grant, NeoCompounder's ideation and development process are public for all to see.

NeoCompounder is fully committed to keeping its contract code open source. You can inspect and verify its exact behavior at any time.



NeoCompounder pools together NEO and bNEO from various owners, claiming GAS and converting it into ever-increasing reserves of bNEO on their behalf.

By socializing these operations, NeoCompounder can compound your NEO more efficiently than if you were to do it by yourself.

Try compounding our reserves below - you'll receive a small GAS reward for providing this service!



Securing your funds is NeoCompounder's top priority.

While no audit can guarantee that a contract is 100% safe from exploits, NeoCompounder has been fully audited by Red4Sec and NeoBurger to identify and address potential bugs and security vulnerabilities.

As part of the GrantShares funding process, NeoCompounder has also had its concept and details discussed at length by expert N3 developers and leading members of the community.